Constituted body of subject matter experts from academia, industry and community organizations by special invitation from the GCAO executive Board
Who are we?
DETT is a non-profit, voluntary organization anchored under GCAO based in Toronto Canada that promotes critical analysis of policies and community challenges and advocacy to support Ghanaian Canadians to meet the growing needs of different population demographics residing in Canada or wishing to return to Ghana
Mission statement
To be the voice of the Ghanaian Canadian community in developing policies and partnering with Governments, professional and business groups to meet community challenges
Vision statement
To be recognized by Ghanaian Canadians in the diaspora as serving its interests in advocacy of community challenges

Membership Benefits

  • Alleviating the knowledge gap preventing equitable policy implementations in Ghanaian-Canadian communities
  • Key advocacy lever of the GCAO in promoting policies for Ghanaian-Canadian interests in the diaspora
  • Central network data platform for tapping into other Think Tanks both within and outside Canada to gather ideas for the betterment of the lives of the Ghanaian-Canadian in the diaspora
  • Platform for collating ideas and developing policies to address Canadian-Ghanaian challenges
  • Provides critical mass (numbers) to tap into government resources and assistance
  • Forum to have representation to governments and non- governmental organizations