Any professional, organization, association, directly or indirectly involved in business, trade and commerce and has an interest in the socio-economic development and overall well-being of Ghanaians both in Canada and Ghana.

GCCC Membership Benefits
- Access to a sustainable professional and business networking platform
- Engagement in mentorship programs for the upcoming youth and new entrepreneurs.
- Free advertisement in the GCCC newsletters and website.
- Point of contact for professionals and business entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Ghana or gain access to Ghanaian professionals in Canada.
- Right of entry to a wide range of opportunities by the establishment of a solid and sustainable networking platform.
- Discounts on exclusive events and training programs for members.
- Availability of newsletters and magazines that provides updates on businesses and development opportunities
- Access to membership directory which gives you visibility and access to a wide range of clients.
- Accessibility to the Diaspora Engagement “Think Tank” (skills bank) leads to exposure, effective networking and employment opportunities that results in professional and business success.
- Form partnerships and alliances with other Chambers of Commerce in order to connect with investors and gain access to investment opportunities worldwide.
- Provision of advising services to help steer the business environment
- Gain access to business policy changes, current marketing researches and opportunities.
- Companies and licensed businesses will gain recognition and credibility with membership.
- Forum to have representation to governments and non-governmental organizations
- Provides critical mass (numbers) to tap into government resources and assistance.